PRicing options

AZTC is proud to offer a wide range of services at exceptionally competitive prices. For your convenience we offer the following 3 pricing options:

* Terms and conditions apply.

This option is recommended for clients who have a specific issue and would like a set quote. With this option there is a single fixed price no matter how long the job takes to complete. See below for a full list of services and their Fixed Pricing. Or If you have a particular request and do not see it listed, please feel free to call or email us for a quote.

This option offers clients a complete computer support solution, including regularly scheduled maintenance, for a reasonable monthly fee. Whether it be for home or office, AZTC has a plan that is flexible and will suit your needs. See below for Support Plan Pricing details.

Our rate is simple; $1.00/min, billed at specific intervals, based on the service needed. This option is favored by most AZTC clients. It is recommended for consultations, trouble-shooting and clients with multiple issues or if uncertain what the problem is. See below for Timed Pricing details.

* Taxes are not included. Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing type must be discussed and agreed upon prior to the job’s commencement. If no type is specified, Timed Pricing will be assumed. Travel time may be billed for clients outside our typical support area.

Software not included. Any software to be installed must be supplied or paid for, in full, by the client. AZTC is in no way responsible for any repercussions resulting in the use of illegitimate software provided by the client or any issues caused by, or involving, 3rd party software.
An OS Wipe consists of clearing all data from drives. AZTC is in no way responsible for the loss of data.
Hardware not included. Any hardware to be installed must be supplied or paid for, in full, by the client. AZTC is in no way responsible for faulty and/or defective hardware.
Networking services quoted above do not include the cost of any networking hardware or the running of cables through walls. Additional charges may apply.
Remote Assistance does not include support for issues relating to internet connection or hardware of any sort. The client must have a reliable connection to the internet from the computer in question in order for remote assistance to take effect. Any issues requiring an on-site visit will not be covered by the Remote Assistance Plans.
Residential Support contract includes support for up to 4 computers, is a minimum 2 month term and has up to a 48 hour response time. Business Support contract includes support for up to 8 computers, is a 3 month term and has up to a 30 hour response time. If these terms do not meet you needs, please contact us to arrange a Custom Business Support Contract. All contracts are to be paid on the first of each month for the length of the contract term. The response time for Unlimited Service Plans are in no way binding, and may change depending on the circumstance communicated between the client and the AZTC representative.